Adventures in Joshua Tree

The past week was spent working with one of my old friends, Aaron Pierce. Aaron is one of the owners of Commonwealth Proper, a Philadelphia based bespoke menswear company that focuses on custom made goods. You can check them out at It's been amazing to watch Aaron and the brand grow over the past 6 years. There's no better feeling than seeing success come to your friends.

Tagging along with Aaron was Ryan Olde, an amazingly talented photographer from the Philadelphia area. Check out his work at I had never met Ryan prior to the trip, but you would have never known it. We instantly bonded, talking about going to shows back in the day, farting, and basically just making fun of each other. Right away I knew we were going to get some good stuff.

We were shooting for Commonwealth Proper's Custom Anything Campaign. The first day we planned on shoot around Silverlake, the neighborhood I live in. We ended up having the best luck, finding an old school, pink Mercedes Benz and a beautiful church. I tried to channel my inner Steve McQueen, and the results were amazing.

After getting some killer shots the first day, we were pumped to head out to Joshua Tree for the rest of the shoot. Aaron and I had never been to Joshua Tree and we're excited to experience all the magic the desert had to offer. We ended up renting this killer house off Air BnB. The colors and decor just lended itself so perfectly to the openness and beauty of the desert. Joining us out there was Zander Bleck and Rachel Willams. Rachel is a model and friend of mine. Zander came to us through Aaron's business partner Craig, but no one had ever met him. The only information we knew of Zander was what we saw online. Zander turned out to be an incredibly talented and honest soul who just added such a great dynamic to the group. He's worked as a model, but his main focus is singing and performing. Just check him out and you'll see what I mean.

As I've gotten older, I've learned to surround myself with people who truly love and support me. It's a hard thing to figure out sometimes when you're younger, but it so important for your well being. I bring this up because the energy between the 4 of us was incredible. We spent our nights sitting around a table, telling stories of our travels and finishing bottles of tequila. After that a group dance party and some start gazing. These are the types of nights you remember for the rest of your life. And that energy translated into the photos.

Zander and I each shot about 6 looks. It's incredible how two people can wear almost the same outfit, but yet it look so different on each of them. Everyone has their own style and we should celebrate that style. Rachel brought the effortless sexiness to the mix and Ryan captured it all. We must have shot for 12 hour one day. I remember sitting down that night and looking at Aaron and Ryan, they're faces were bright red and covered in dirt. They looked exhausted, but we couldn't be happier.

I can't share most of the photos yet, but will as they come in. I think these of some of my favorite pictures that I've shot. I want to thank Aaron, Ryan, Zander and Rachel for being amazing people and letting me be a part of this. Joshua Tree is a magical place that everyone should experience. I'm looking forward to getting back there with this crew and making more memories.

Thank you.