Music Builds

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, I promise to be more on top of it. Every day seems to bring new challenges and obstacles, but I just keep trying to move my career forward. I feel extremely fortunate that in my line of work I’m able to collaborate with a lot of my friends on different projects, especially when those projects focus around music and helping others. So when I met up with my buddy Edgel a few weeks back and he told me about a project he’s working on with his client Alpha Rev, I had to get involved.

Edgel and his partners Solomon Adams and Casey McPherson created l.i.s.a.i.l Creative, a company that works to connect artists with causes, and in the process changes the social and economical environment. Their goal is to find artists that want to make creative content that raises awareness for nonprofits and the issues they’re affecting. They then promote it through all types of media channels, bringing in new donors and volunteers for the nonprofit and new fans for the artist. The first campaign will feature Alpha Rev ( and Habitat For Humanity ( working together for what is known as “Music Builds.” The band will be making a song, music video, short documentary, and public service announcement all inspired by Habitat for Humanity and they’re fight against generational poverty. On top of that, they’re partnering with the Austin affiliate of Habitat and the local music community to raise money specifically to build a new house for a family in need. It’s called “The House That Music Built.”

The band is raising funds for this endeavor using a pledge campaign. Check it out, share, and if you feel compelled, please make a donation.

Besides being a great cause, I’ll be doing some cool, behind the scenes work for the documentary. Nothing like combining my passions for tv, music, and just getting to help people. Please check it out.