Production Life

I’m known amongst my friends as the king of random jobs. Modeling can be so up and down at times; you have to be able to have some side gigs to make extra money. Out of all the jobs I have, my favorite has to be concert production. As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the music industry. I started going to shows at a young age, signed a record deal when I was 18 and toured the country.

In concert production, you work long, hard days. But there’s something about that environment that just feels right to me. Each show is a battle that offers its own unique circumstances. But I get to go to battle with my friends and we come out together. A lot of the shows I work, I’m not a particular fan of the artist, but then there are those shows that I geek out over. Tom Petty, Kings of Leon, and Third Eye Blind have been a few of my favorites. There’s nothing quite like live music. Go out and see a band. And make sure you follow me on SnapChat, might catch some fun behind the scenes action.