My time on ANTM

I’m often asked about my time on America’s Next Top Model, lets be honest that’s how most of you know me. Last night was the premier party for Cycle 22. I always love seeing the producers and everyone else who worked on the show. I got to work in close proximity with these people for 2 months and even though we rarely see each other these days, it feels like family when we’re together.

Since being on the show, I’ve met a lot of other former contestants and I’m surprised by how many of them had a bad experience. Sure, ANTM is a television show about modeling, and fashion, and following your dreams, but at the end of the day it’s still a television show. A reality show. And the point of the show is to make great television and get ratings. That’s how it stays on the air. It bums me out sometimes when I hear that people were jaded by the whole experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the show, for a lot of reasons. At the end of the day I got to experience something that not many people get to experience. It will always be a part of me; a moment that I got to capture, and I think that’s fantastic. Regardless of where things go in my career, my time on ANTM will always be a fond memory for me.