Drunk on Cape Cod

I spent last week in Cape Cod, on the very eastern tip of Massachusetts, visiting one of my oldest friends. The trip began in Pennsylvania, but had a minor detour in Port Chester, NY to pick up my buddy Phil. You may remember him from America’s Next Top Model. I happed to randomly run into him at a concert a few days earlier and mentioned I was going up to the Cape. Phil is from western Massachusetts and his family was renting a house on Cape Cod for the week, just happened to be the same week I was going up there. So I grabbed Phil and together we made the painfully slow drive up I-95, through Rhode Island, and eventually on to the Cape. It’s always a pleasure for me getting to catch up with old friends.

It had been about 10 years since last time I was on the Cape. It’s full of quite little beach towns, lined with New England cedar houses and cute shops. In the summertime the towns are buzzing with tourists, but it had just started to clear out as people are now going back to school. I stayed in the town of Wellfleet with my friend and her husband in a rustic little loft right off of Route 6.

The theme of the trip, like many of my trips, seemed to be wine and food. Days were spent drinking at the beach and of course the winery. The weather was perfect. Hiking, swimming, beaching it up, couldn’t ask for better weather. We made a trip into Provincetown, all the way at the far end of the Cape. I won’t tell you much about it, but I implore everyone, gay or straight, to check out Provincetown. I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself. Here are some pictures from the private stash. And if you ever make it out to Cape Cod, be sure to stop by Truro Vineyards for a wine tasting. Good people.