A Week in the Big Apple

Ok, so it was more like a week and a half. As it is, the days seamlessly blend into nights, then back into days again anyway. That seems to be how my trips to New York City go nowadays, but the two weeks a year that are set-aside for New York Fashion Week is always an exciting time to be in the city. There’s an extra buzz and excitement in the air it seems. This year however, the organizers of NYFW had, for the first time split up the men’s and women’s shows. Men’s was actually held back in July (which I didn’t go to) and women’s was held, as it typically would be in September. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but this past NYFW season felt a little different for me; and I heard others expressing the same feelings that I had. I’m not sure if it was the splitting up of the show or what, but there was a different vibe for sure.

I did not walk in any shows for those who were curious. There weren’t many opportunities for men and honestly I really just wanted to cover some shows, mingle, and party my ass off. In that regard I think I was pretty successful. I personally love going to a party and running into so many people that I rarely see or didn’t expect to see. The modeling community is a pretty small world and I enjoy seeing my friends. We live in a bizarre little world and I don’t think many people on the outside looking in understand what it’s like. There are a lot of terrible things and hard truths that exist in this industry, but at the same time so many wonderfully fantastic things that happen. I’ve said it before, but the key is finding balance and learning how to have fun with it.

NYFW festivities aside, I was able to link up with some of my favorite photographer friends and was able to shoot with Daniela Vesco, Menelik Puryear, and Kara Nixon. All of them are extremely talented photographers whom I’ve shot with in the past, but this time took it to another level. We we’re already comfortable with each other, so we pushed things even further and I think people will be surprised and very pleased with the results. I’m taking my career in a new direction these days. I can’t wait for everyone to see what comes next.

And a big thank you to friends new and old for making time to catch up, grab a drink, watch the sun come up, and giving me a place to crash. I got nothing but love for you.