The Jersey Shore

I grew up in Pennsylvania, but most of my family is from New Jersey. So summers for my family and me were spent at the Jersey Shore. When I mention the Jersey Shore to someone the first images they start to conjure up are those they saw in the MTV show. They picture Italian spray tanned meatheads, who are all about fist pumping, Jagerbombs, and hitting the gym. And while that stereotype certainly exists, the Jersey Shore is so much more than that. You have diversity in the beaches from Asbury Park, to Point Pleasant, Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, and all the way down to Wildwood. Beautiful beaches, boardwalks, family fun, nightlife, anything you want you can find at the Jersey Shore. When I think of the beach in all its true sense, I think of the Jersey Shore.

A good friend of mine from Los Angeles grew up in Point Pleasant Beach. A childhood friend of hers was getting married over Labor Day weekend; so she was in town and invited me down to hang with her friends at the beach for the holiday weekend. The last official weekend of the summer. We had to hit the beach and catch those peak rays in the late morning. From there our bike crew went bar to bar while we did some day drinking. The weather was perfect for sitting outside, enjoying some delicious drinks, and watching some live music. The summer days at the beach turned into nights on the boardwalk. Riding the rides drunk sounds great until you get on the Gravitron and you feel your stomach moving up your body. Either way, there’s something special about going back and riding the rides you did as a kid and totally loving it. And of course we had a soundtrack of classic rock to accompany us the entire time. Like most trips, it was far too short, but I highly recommend a trip to the Jersey Shore to anyone.