Why I Don't Vote

Today marks the 57th Presidential Election in the history of the United States. And as I sit here drinking my coffee this morning trying to avoid the likes of social media, all I can think about it how much I just want this day to be over. After months and months of a bludgeoning campaign season, I’m left here feeling tired, frustrated, betrayed, and embarrassed about where we are as a country. How did we end up here? Where do we even go from here? This is the third election in which I have been old enough to participate in, as well as the third election in which I have not voted. And this election, more so than any that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime, demonstrates exactly why I don’t exercise my right to vote. I usually try to avoid any conversation about politics because we live in a world now where those who preach inclusion and understanding, are the first ones to jump down your throat if your viewpoint differs from theirs. Believe in whatever you want to believe, but please don’t try to lecture me on your misguided politics or tell me that I’m just throwing my vote away.

To be chosen as the leader of the free world is the highest honor that any American citizen can have. But we’ve diminished this great honor and made a mockery of the process by turning the Presidential Election into a reality TV show. One based on ratings, fiction, fear and hate. I can’t tell you exactly how we got to this point, but the illusion of choice is so laughable, that we’re now left with two people who are so obsessed with power, money, and their own legacy in the history books, that they put aside any sort of descent human empathy or compassion. This campaign has brought out the worst in so many people and divided the country even further.

I’ll live with whatever decision is handed down to me by the powers that be and won’t complain on way or the other. Because the reality is I’ve traveled all over the world, and this is by far the greatest country in which you could ever live in. Every day, people from all walks of life, from different countries and religious beliefs sacrifice everything they have just for a chance to come to this country and make a life. This is truly the place where you can be anything you want. The American dream is alive and well, even if it may be a little misguided and skewed.

I hope that one day I get to experience a revolution; led by the people for the people. But if that day does ever come, the revolution won’t be televised. It’ll be in the hearts of people who truly want to make this world a better place. I just hope we haven’t gone too far off the cliff by then.

Artwork by Rolland Berry

Artwork by Rolland Berry