One of my favorite things to do when I get to a new city is to sort of roam around aimlessly for a while. I like not having any particular place to go; instead just taking my time and getting my own feel for the city. I like to have a sense of where I’m at and what makes that place tick. I had been to Miami in the past, but I would only be there for a day for work and then I was out. I never got to truly explore Miami on my own so I was excited to get there and have some time to myself. I could write a book on the different neighborhoods and everything there is to do, but here’s my brief rundown.

I’ll start by saying this, there is no way in hell I would live in Miami, or Florida in general for that matter, full time. I can’t deal with the humidity it’s a strange place to begin with. But in terms of visiting for a bit, I’m all for it. Miami is truly the only place in the United States that feels like a tropical city and it has an identity all its own. Sure, most people think about the superficial world of South Beach, with all its skin, cars, and drugs. That certainly exists, and is fun in it’s own right. But Miami has much more to offer than that. The beaches are gorgeous and people are always out and about. The Art Deco buildings of South Beach and the surrounding areas fit perfectly against the coastal backdrop. And the recent art movement in Wynwood is really cool to see. Reminds me of DTLA a few years ago. It’s already becoming a tourist destination, but you still have to check out the all the art the area has to offer. Stop by the Wynwood Walls for an Instagram worthy pic and then pop into Gab Studios and say hi to Bridges. Swing by Little Havana for some killer Cuban food and entertainment. Brickell has exploded with the new youth movement and there’s always something going on. And of course cruise through a picturesque canopy of topical trees in Coconut Grove, Miami’s oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood. Having some grouper is a must and if the stone crabs are in season you have to order them at least once. Seems there’s always some event and something going on in Miami. But watch out on the road, people drive like fucking savages there. And you may get discriminated against for being a white person, but it’s all just part of what makes Miami, Miami.

The modeling scene is much different than Los Angeles. It’s a different style and a much smaller market, but still a lot of great talent there. Shout out to my agency MP Mega for looking after me. Hoping I get to spend some more time in Miami moving forward. I will be there for Model Volleyball next year. And apparently I don’t take many pictures, but this is what I got.